Snapchat’s Dancing Hotdog now has its own game

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Hate it or love it, that Dancing Hotdog which Snapchat added to its filter options somehow managed to get its own game. This in itself is not particularly surprising however, since people have been known to cash in on memes to make a quick buck. What is surprising however, is that the game is actually pretty fun. The genre of choice the developer went with is a platformer, and it turns out to be rather difficult.


That said, the game very unpolished and pretty much borders on IP theft, so it may not be up there for every long. And serving as punishment of sorts, every time you die, you are bombarded with ads. And trust us, you will be dying a lot. If masochism is your thing, and you somehow are a fan of those absurd memes, the game is available for both Android and iOS.

Nigel C.

Nigel C.

Business major and an advocate of far eastern visual culture and electronic entertainment. Not an otaku. Other interests include virtual reality, idols and virtual idols. I walked around with a body pillow before it was cool.

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