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Dummies’ guide to Valiant Force: A Building’s Guide

Dummies’ guide to Valiant Force: A Building’s Guide

by CeeZeeNovember 18, 2016

XII Braves


Fun Plus

Release Date

1st November 2016

Release Platform

iOS, Android

In Valiant Force, you have your little town where you can build buildings as you upgrade your Town Hall. You will be given plots of land where you have to choose between numerous buildings (depending on your Town Hall level) to place it on the land. You can check what buildings are available for you to build on the Guide tab when you have selected your Town Hall.

Tap on Guide in TH

TH levels and unlockables

Buildings play a role in your game progression. As you progress in levels, you may need to craft weapons, more gold for training your heroes or even potions to aid you in situations. However there are only 5 Small Land plots, 3 Medium Land plots and 2 Large Land plots for you to build out of 19 different buildings. Here are the list of buildings according to size:

Small buildings

Gold mine

Worker’s Hut


Iron Quarry

Wishing Well

Merc Camp

Strike Tower

Mystic Tower

Shield Tower


Medium Buildings

Alchemy Lab


Salvage Yard

Market Place


Training Camp

Large Buildings

Weapon Forge

Fusion Altar

Gem Cavern

Here are my recommended buildings to get first as you progress and level up your Town Hall:

Lv2 Town Hall – Small – Worker’s Hut (Instead of Gold Mine because I’d like to get my buildings up as fast as possible)
Lv4 Town Hall – Medium – Armorsmith (For crafting Green rarity armors which the materials are easily procured)
Lv6 Town Hall – Small – Gold Mine (Instead of Farm or Iron Quarry because Gold)
Lv8 Town Hall – Medium – Salvage Yard (Instead of Marketplace to salvage spare equipments for materials)
Lv10 Town Hall – Small -Wishing Well (No need for Merc Camp when you have active Friends)
Lv12 Town Hall – Large – Weapon Forge (For your weapon needs)
Lv14 Town Hall – Small – Strike Tower
Lv16 Town Hall – Medium – Academy (Able to choose which job relics, expeditions for JB Keys) / Alchemy Lab (For crafting Cleansing Serum)
Lv18 Town Hall – Small – Mystic Tower / Shield Tower
Lv20 Town Hall – Large – Gem Cavern / Fusion Altar

Once all your buildings have maxed, you can demolish the Worker’s Hut, Academy or even the Gold Mine if you think there’s no need for it when your important buildings are maxed out.
You can replace them with:

Lv2 Town Hall – Small – Watermill
Lv4 Town Hall – Medium – Armorsmith
Lv6 Town Hall – Small – Mystic Tower
Lv8 Town Hall – Medium – Salvage Yard
Lv10 Town Hall – Small -Wishing Well
Lv12 Town Hall – Large – Weapon Forge
Lv14 Town Hall – Small – Strike Tower
Lv16 Town Hall – Medium – Alchemy Lab
Lv18 Town Hall – Small – Shield Tower
Lv20 Town Hall – Large – Gem Cavern

Note that these are just my opinions. I’ve put in Watermill because it is good to have extra energy for questing or farming purposes. For some of us who are always lacking in Gold may just stick with the Gold Mine instead.

I know some may debate on the Marketplace where you can get potions and even summon tickets but try asking this, how many 3/4 star heroes would you get from a 2-4 star hero summon ticket? For some, the RNGesus loves you, but not me so I’ve decided to not get it. I would rather save up my gems to pull 10 x 3-5 star heroes that would give me a better chance. And finally I have the Alchemy Lab for my potion crafting purposes and most importantly to craft the Cleansing Serum so there is no need to get them in the market.

When you’ve arrived at the end point of game, I don’t think anyone would still need the Academy for job relics or job keys. At this point, I’d have a stable end game team that could help me in finishing the Legendary mode. Nonetheless, it is up to you. Salvage Yard is kept to salvage the green or blue drops for possible 5 star materials which of course is for your 5 star weapons and armor crafting in the near future. That is where the Armorsmith and Weapon Forge comes into play.

Mystic, Strike and Shield Towers are self explanatory as they give extra Magic Damage, Attack Damage and Defense. Lastly, Gem Cavern because everybody loves some extra gems especially a F2P player like me!


Credits: aikawakazu – forum.playvaliantforce


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Valiant Force
Developer: XII Braves
Publisher: Fun Plus
1st November 2016

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