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Time Pact – A New Harem Mobile RPG by X-Legend

Time Pact – A New Harem Mobile RPG by X-Legend

by CeeZeeJanuary 7, 2018

X-Legend Entertainment

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Time Pact is a mobile RPG by X-Legend and they have just announced it recently that it will be coming soon. The game is filled with only female characters which would attract mostly guys (of course) and in the Japanese market. With their success on PC online titles like Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia and Twin Saga, the Taiwan developer is looking for success in the mobile market now.

The game features co-op gameplay and boss raids but there were no revelation on how the gameplay would look like. With many other popular mobile RPGs in the mobile market right now, the storyline is cliche as players will be time travelling into dimensions on a mission to save the world. Nonetheless, there’s much info yet to be revealed for Time Pact to get a spot in the popular mobile RPG genre.

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