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The Talos Principle Coming To iOS Soon!

The Talos Principle Coming To iOS Soon!

by CeeZeeOctober 12, 2017



Devolver Digital

Release Platform

iOS, Android

The Talos Principle is a game that was released for the PS4 and PC (Steam). However with the massive amounts of port over of console and PC games onto mobile this year, The Talos Principle is now up next. The game developed by Croteam has announced that Devolver Digital will be publishing the game on the iOS. Though the game is already available on the Play Store for RM 9.99!

Check out their App Store launch trailer below:

The game is an adventure puzzle solving game which will have a new control scheme for the mobile. As a ported game from the PC and Console, the game will be optimized for mobile to take advantage of the touchscreen plays. Players will be able to enjoy the game as it is while solving puzzles and exploring the mysteries of a sentient robot. 

While the page on the App Store is already available, it is still not available for download yet. The game will be up soon so stay tuned with us for the official release of the game.

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The Talos Principle
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital
RM 9.99RM 9.99

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