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Super Mario Run takes its Friendly Run Event live

Super Mario Run takes its Friendly Run Event live

by Nigel C.January 7, 2018


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If you missed it the last time around, Super Mario Run re-introduced its Friendly Run Event, which will run until 19 January 2018.

Super Mario Run

For those who have never tried it out, the Friendly Run event grants players a small bonus everytime they play the Friendly Run. Regardless of whether or not you win or lose, you will earn yourself a number of Rally Tickets, so playing daily will really help you rack up those numbers.

All that needs to do to be done in order to participate part is to challenge someone on your friend list to a Friendly Run. The in-game notification post details the number of times you can play a day, and that figure is determined by your personal progress in World Tour. If you haven not cleared World 1 you can play once a day. Clearing it lets you play three times. Meanwhile, finishing world 2 lets you play a total of five times daily.

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