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Majestia Guide: Tips for Beginners

Majestia Guide: Tips for Beginners

by Healer_BKnightJune 7, 2017


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iOS, Android

Majestia is out on iOS and Android for a couple of days. After a few hours of playing we found the game quite challenging, therefore we are giving out tips for beginners in this Majestia guide. If you haven’t played the game yet, here is a 15-min gameplay for your preview:

These are the guide(s) we wrote for Majestia:

Complete the single mode

The game would recommend you to play in battle mode after you done the first tutorial, but it is actually better to reject the offer and complete the single mode beforehand. The single mode separates into different difficulty level, starting from the battle tutorials that teach you the basics. You can still do the battle tutorials even if you already know how to play the game, the point here is to get the rewards. Completing every level will award you Soul Stone, Soul Gold, Soul Exp, a Hero card and a Tactic card. Besides, you will experience different heroes so you will know how to use them after completing the single mode battles.

Majestia Guide

The screenshots are captured with Huawei P10 Plus.

Combine units and cards wisely

You can summon a hero card on top of a unit card. Combine same class hero and units together and make use of their skills and class advantage to launch a better attack. For example. combining range heroes and units enable them to attack from a distance, at the same time they won’t receive any counter damage.

Balance your deck

A great variety of Heroes are available, but as a beginner, you will only get the basic units (which means you can’t build your own deck yet). Your card collection will expand when you play more, and you will need to choose your favourite card to form a deck. Balancing your deck is important. Every card costs energy to summon, so you can’t just bring in all the strong cards with high energy demand. Sometimes small cost cards can make a huge impact in the battle as well (we heard that “Green” that only costs 1 energy is an OP hero). Tactics cards are good too, they can inflict damage on units directly, or give special effects to a certain unit.

Train your heroes

Majestia Guide

Training your heroes will increase their stats (you will get free Skill books too), after a certain amount of training you can promote your hero to the next grade. You can train them in the training house for free. Training time can be shortened by Soul Time or Soul Stones (of course using Soul Time is a better choice).

Participate in Arena Mode

Arena Mode refreshes every 12 hours, you will be able to form a 7-cards deck with random given cards (including a random highest grade hero). 5 battle chances are given for a deck, rewards (Soul Chalice and Souls) are given according to the number of victories. Souls are used to summon heroes, while you can use Soul Chalice to buy special items including Hero Branch Change Ticket and Expression Ticket.

Majestia Guide

  • Your daily first purchases are free (Heroes from Shrine, Equipment Piece and Skill Books from General Shop), remember to claim them all.
  • You will find Soul Stones and Treasure Boxes in the different menu pages, pick them up.
  • You can watch battle replays of the experts from the Battle Recorder:

We hope this Majestia Guide will help you out. Leave a comment if you have any tips we don’t know!

We reviewed Majestia with Huawei P10 Plus – The game video and screenshots are captured with the fabulous device.

Developer: Com2uS

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