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Exclusive Review – 10 minutes into the demo version of Re: Legend

Exclusive Review – 10 minutes into the demo version of Re: Legend

by Healer_BKnightNovember 10, 2017

Magnus Games

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PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

During the recent LEVEL UP KL, we are lucky to be able to enjoy a part of Re: Legend‘s demo version. After getting the permission from the producer, we recorded a 2-minutes gameplay preview showcasing the farming features. Other than growing crops, forging weapons and equipment, you can even dive into the underwater farm!

Check out the video below (the game is still in development):

In addition to the video above, we actually experienced some other features such as exploring wild and capturing Magnus. However due to the confidentiality agreement we made, we are unable to showcase all of them in video form but a review (in words) is allowed. So without further ado, let’s see what are the new info we get!


From what you can see in the video above, the player’s HP value is shown at the upper left corner while the upper right corner shows the in-game time and season. There are also 10 items slots where you can equip items, tools or weapons in it and switch them quickly.

Re: Legend

Your in-game home looks simple, with a lamp beside the bed (you can use it to save your progress) and a few number of furniture. The table comes with 4 seats too (maybe there is a 4-player co-op feature for it?). You will see a large abandoned farm outside your house where you can clean it up by picking up stones, woods and grass. When the area is clear, you will be able to hoe the ground and grow crops (you can hoe one grid per click or 9 grid at once after storing up energy).

Although you can only grow crops one grid at a time, you can ask your Magnus to help you during late game (save your time!). There is a workshop nearby, you will be able to forge weapons and equipment after you collected the required materials. A transportation device is also available for you to fast travel to different area.

Magnus Raising

You will see different types of Magnus roaming around in the wild, you can either choose to defeat them or tame them to be your partner. In this demo version, we first fed the Magnus with pumpkin and when the heart shape appears above the Magnus, you can begin to tame it by riding on it. Different from Pokemon, you can tame a Magnus just by completing a mini-game. Different Magnus will require different ways to tame, such as using different food or completing different mini-games.

Even though you tamed a Magnus in its second or third form, it will only join your team in its initial form. The official explained that Magnus in their second or third is forced to evolve by the evil forces, they also hope that every player will treat every Magnus sincerely and let them evolve normally. Aside from taming, you can also collect fossils and turns them into Magnus.

Magnus can aid you in many ways such as farming, combat and even lead those who cannot dive in exploring the underwater maze. As the Magnus will be gone forever after a certain amount of death, you should take good care of it during your adventure.


You can forge different weapons and equipment in the workshop, each of them features a special ability. For example, equipment with high defense value will slow down your speed while faster equipment will deal lower damage. There will be 8 weapons types available in the official version, which includes the great sword, magic wand and bow.

We tried the great sword and magic wand in the demo version, left-clicking and right-clicking (using mouse) will perform different tricks. The weapon combos and charged attack worked seamlessly too. In addition, you can only perform combos after a certain weapon proficiency level is achieved.

You can bring up to 2 Magnus to join a battle where you can attack riding on them. Same as the weapon, Magnus will perform different type of attack on left-click and right-click. They come with passive skills too so you should plan which Magnus to bring before you enter the battle! While in multiplayer mode, only 1 Magnus is allowed to bring along into battle.

As we try the Re: Legend demo version in a limited time, there is still a lot of content (such as capturing the Magnus boss and fishing) that we are unable to experience. However the short demo is enough to leave us a deep impression (the in-game music is awesome too!).

The developer also mentioned that they are currently working hard in development so that the players can enjoy the game on time. While waiting for the actual release day to come, let’s give the Re: Legend team a cheer! For more information, you can visit Re: Legend official site.

Check out their official trailer too:

Source: Wanuxi

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