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Torchlight Mobile Guide – Which Character Class to choose?

Torchlight Mobile Guide – Which Character Class to choose?

by Healer_BKnightJuly 5, 2017


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June 30, 2017

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iOS, Android

Have you experienced Torchlight Mobile (Torchlight: The Legend Continues) that launched a few days ago? Do you know which character class to choose at the beginning? Many newcomers may not know which class best suits their playing style, so here is a Torchlight Mobile guide for those who are facing difficulties in choosing character classes.

These are the guide(s) we wrote for Torchlight Mobile previously:

First of all, Torchlight Mobile comes with 4 character classes at launch – Emberblade, Engineer, Kitsune and Clockwork. Every class have their unique abilities and characteristics, some focus on melee attacking while some of them focus on ranged attack.

  • Focus on the combination of ember energy and weapons.
  • Pursues the perfect combination of skill and power.
  • Uses defensive weapons and large assault weapons.

Emberblade uses physical melee attacks, so if you like close combat or tank heroes, Emberblade best suits you.

Torchlight Mobile guide

  • Master of mechanism and power.
  • Can control various machines, experts in fire and electric.
  • Uses heavy weapons.

Engineer is a class with burst damage and can perform both melee and ranged attacks by changing weapons. If you like a hero who needs a high amount of skill controls or tactics, Engineer should be your choice.

Torchlight Mobile guide

  • Comes with spells of four seasons.
  • Experts in bows and arrows.
  • Good at ranged strike.
  • Use ranged weapons and magic weapons.

Kitsune basically perform ranged attacks but at the same time, it can also transform into a fox to fight in close combat. Suitable for you if you like a magician or mage hero.

Torchlight Mobile guide

  • Its attacks are quick and precise.
  • Uses two-handed weapons.
  • Able to switch between melee and ranged attacks.

Clockwork can perform both close combat and AoE (area of effect) damage, best suits for those who love Assassin class heroes.

Torchlight Mobile guide

If you still can’t decide on your character class, don’t worry as you can try all of them by creating another character and find the one that best fits you (you won’t lose your previous progress). These are all we know about the character classes, leave your comment below if you have any add-ons!

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