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Titanfall: Assault is now live on iOS and Android devices

Titanfall: Assault is now live on iOS and Android devices

by Healer_BKnightAugust 11, 2017

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iOS, Android

We first heard Titanfall: Assault back in May and got the good news of the game releasing on 10th August just a few days ago. Since now the game is officially live on iOS and Android stores, we had a 15-min play on the game and we think it is kinda similar to Clash Royale (again?). You will know why we think that after watching our gameplay video below:

The developer describes the game as a “fast and fluid real-time PvP mobile strategy game”, where you will build decks from of Pilots, Titans and Burn Cards thus deploying them to attack or defense. Similar to Clash Royale’s elixir system, you will need supply to deploy troops.

Titanfall: Assault

To get the victory, you have to capture and control as many hardpoints as possible (3 maximum) or destroy the opponent’s Heavy Turrets to win instantly. You can start to deploy Titans when the countdown timer reaches below 3 minutes, which you know, heating up the intense battle even more.

Titanfall: Assault

There is a guild system too so you could join a guild to play and strategize with your friends. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases, grab it for sure if you are Titanfall fans!

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Titanfall: Assault
Publisher: Nexon M
Aug 10. 2017

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