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Netmarble launches another MMORPG, TERA M in Korea!

Netmarble launches another MMORPG, TERA M in Korea!

by Healer_BKnightNovember 28, 2017


Release Date

26 November, 2017

Release Platform

iOS, Android

First announced in August, TERA M is one of the most-anticipated MMORPG from Netmarble which it is based on the popular PC MMORPG TERA. Featuring the impressive art-style and worldview from the PC version, the game is now available for free (with in-app purchase) in South Korea for iOS and Android!

TERA M is a prequel that takes place 1000 years before TERA. Other than the familiar races from TERA such as Elin and Castanic, the mobile version also features a Popori exclusive class – Alchemist. The combat system emphasizes on non-targeting combat and the holy trinity (DPS, Tank and Healer) concept, so forming a right combination of teams according to the situation will be one of the important factors to win (no healing portions is allowed during combat!). Also, there will be a massive open world full of PvE and real-time PvP content, while guild sieges, costumes and mounts are all available in the mobile version.

Check out our first 10-min gameplay on TERA M:
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Developer: Netmarble
26 Nov, 17
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