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Majestia Guide: Battle Tips

Majestia Guide: Battle Tips

by Healer_BKnightJune 14, 2017


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It has been a couple of days since the turn-based PvP game Majestia is live on mobile stores. In this Majestia guide, we are giving out a few tips and tricks to help you achieve victory.

These are the guide(s) we wrote for Majestia:

There are 3 victory condition in Majestia where you will win the match when one of them is met:

  1. Defeated Victory – You completely defeat all units of the opponent.
  2. Occupied Victory – You occupy headquarter of the opponent.
  3. Point Victory – You reach 30 points before the opponent in Battle Mode or 20 points in the Arena Mode.
Majestia Guide

The screenshots are captured with Huawei P10 Plus.

Higher battle power (the value shown beside your unit) means higher attack and hitpoints, so the golden key here is to preserve your battle power.

Here are a few ways to deal damage without any set back:
Take advantage of Confusion Effect

Confusion Effect prevents a unit from moving, attacking, counterattacking and using Hero Abilities for 2 turns (current turn and the next turn). This means any of your unit get to have a “FREE” attack on him without triggering the counter attacks. You can also disable some annoying Hero abilities such as Leadoff Counterattack, Deception and Threatening Aura from the opponent when it is under Confusion Effect.

Tactic Card with Confusion Effect:

  • Confusion (requires only 1 resource but deal no damage) – Cheap cost
  • Flood (requires 3 resources but inflicts high damage) – Deal damage and add Confusion
  • Tsunami (high cost but able to damage and confuse multiple targets at once) – Pretty situational since you might hit your own units unless you move them away

Some heroes that have access to Chaos Attack will add confusion to an enemy unit after a battle.

Majestia Guide

When it comes to strategy game, there are always ways to nullify the tactics. So now we know the strength of Confusion, here are some cards to prevent or heal confusion.

Tactic Card that removes Confusion Effect:

  • Holy Light (remove all harmful effects and find traps)
  • Tactician (remove confusion effect and grants positive auras for 10 turns)
  • Leader (remove confusion effect and applies branch activation for 10 turns)
  • Stronghold (removes harmful effects when the turns begin)

Summoning a hero on a confused soldier unit will also lift them from the Confusion.


Archer is the only unit type in the game that has access to ranged attacks, which means attacking a melee enemy from far will not trigger a counter attack. A normal archer unit can abuse their ranged attack diagonally, once the branch is activated they will be able to attack units from two tiles away. With other units such as Spearman forming the frontline to protect the Archer is recommended.

Majestia guide

Other tips

Some of the game mechanics and tips that are worth mentioning here – you can either move before your attack, OR move after you attack. Healing cards in this game have a stronger strategic choice, since having higher hit points (or battle power) means you’ll deal more damage, this means players will need to decide whether they want to deal more damage or heal up after a battle.

Majestia is one of the most challenging turn-based strategy game I ever met, but with good card combinations and strategy, it is actually not that difficult to win a battle. These are only tips to help you out, you will still need to figure out your best strategy by yourself. Have fun playing the game!

We reviewed Majestia with Huawei P10 Plus – The game screenshots and videos are captured with the fabulous device.

Developer: Com2uS

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