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Last Day on Earth: Survival Guide – For the beginners

Last Day on Earth: Survival Guide – For the beginners

by Healer_BKnightJune 27, 2017


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iOS, Android

Last Day on Earth: Survival is launched a few days ago and I personally like this kind of survival game where you need to craft everything yourself. Many of you may not know what to do at the beginning (since there is no tutorial), so here is a Last Day on Earth: Survival Guide for the newbies like you.

Craft Hatchet, Spear and Pickaxe First

The game involves many crafting, so you might be unsure of what to craft first. Hatchet, Spear and Pickaxe will be the most basic tools you need, and they are important when you progress further. Starting from picking up limestones and pine log, you will then gather enough resources to craft the three basic items and thus able to gather more resources (by cutting trees, hunting etc) or kill zombies. They may not be the must-have items, but if you want to make your life easier, they are the best choice.

Last Day on Earth: Survival guide

Build you base

Your base will keep your belongings safe from invasion or light zombie attacks, so you should build it as soon as possible. A small house that can occupy one or two Small Box is more than enough at the beginning (you can expand it later on). Get the Garden Bed and Raincatcher too, so you will not be running out of food and water. You will get some cans and water on a daily basis anyway but it might be not enough. Remember to secure your base in a full wrap around and remember to add a door (well, I guess I don’t need to specify why).

Last Day on Earth: Survival guide

Look out for Alpha Base, Crashed Plane or Army Supply Drop

After building your base, you can start to explore different area on your world map. Alpha Base, Crashed Plane or Army Supply Drops should be your priority, as these are the best place to gather valuable materials. Army Supply Drops are not much to excited about, you will only find common or midrange materials from it (sometimes useful materials), but in Crashed Plane and Alpha Base (accessible after you acquire an A card), there is a high chance you will find military suits or a gun (which offers a greatly improved protection).

Last Day on Earth: Survival guide

Keep the unnecessary items in your base

You will be able to craft a Casual Backpack that doubles your inventory space very soon, but it is still far from enough to keep all the resource you get from exploring outside. With a full inventory, you won’t be able to collect resources thus needed to go back and forth from your base to space up your inventory (which is obviously wasting your time and energy). Why don’t you just keep all the unnecessary belongings (those you won’t use it frequently) in your base and space up your inventory to the maximum whenever you are going out?

Don’t bring all your belongings along

Once you die you will lose everything in your inventory (including those you are equipping), therefore you should never bring all your resources along. You can split items and save some of them (if you really needs it) or just keep them all in your base.

Last Day on Earth: Survival guide

Don’t waste your ammo

You may find it fun to blast out all the zombies with guns, but I would highly disrecommend you to do so. Instead of using your ammo against zombies that attack you alone, you should conserve your ammo for the large hordes. While for those individual zombies, a basic spear is enough to take them out.

Last Day on Earth: Survival guide

These are all we know, tell us in the comment below if you have any tips that we don’t know!

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Last Day on Earth: Survival
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