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Kung Fu All-Star is coming soon, pre-register now available

Kung Fu All-Star is coming soon, pre-register now available

by Healer_BKnightJune 19, 2017


Release Date

end of June

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Do you enjoy Kung Fu action? The real action motion Kung Fu mobile game, Kung Fu All-Star is coming soon, pre-registration is now available at their official website.

Kung Fu All-Star is a nostalgic styled game with Chinese ink brush styled artwork and refreshingly fun fighting gameplay. The game is officially licensed from the classic movies including Game of Death and Once Upon A Time in China II, so you will see characters and weapons from these movies making appearances in the game. Iconic heroes such as Wong Fei Hong and Billy (Bruce Lee) coming with their trademark martial arts moves will all be available to play.

Kung Fu All-Star

The game features a rich collection of famous Chinese martial arts ranging from Hong Quan, Wing Chun, Foh Shan Shadowless Kick and more. While completing missions and quests, you will witness the classic scenes and the legendary fights from the movies recreated by 3D realistic techniques. There will be two language – English and Chinese available for the game.

Kung Fu All-Star

Screenshots from the game:

Kung Fu All-Star Kung Fu All-Star

Kung Fu All-Star will launch at the end of June, at the meantime, you can pre-register the game for the welcome gifts.

Pre-register instructions below:

Here is a special welcome gift for those who read this (you can redeem it when the game launches):


You can get these items from the code above:

  • 10 Gold
  • 10000 Silver
  • Skill Scroll Lucky Bag*10
  • Beginner MA. Rank Up Luck Bag*10
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Kung Fu All-Star
Publisher: Jollity

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