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HTML5 MMORPG Mad World to release in fall

HTML5 MMORPG Mad World to release in fall

by Nigel C.February 13, 2018


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Android, iOS, PC

Back in August 2017, we showcased an MMORPG from a South Korea-based game developer named Jandisoft known as Mad World. With the game looking as pretty as it is, what really stood out about the game was that it is built entirely in HTML5. In other words, it will run on just about every platform out there with a browser which supports HTML5. How well the game is executed was shown off in a gameplay trailer.

Fast forward six months later, Jandisoft announced that Mad World will also be coming to Steam and should be out for all platforms sometime in fall. A new trailer was also shown off, which you can check out above.

Mad World is an MMORPG that revolves around humans trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world dominated by evil creatures. The game offers a fast-paced action combat in a 2D hand-drawn world as you can see from the trailer. There are also PVE raids that allow hundreds of players to come together and fight alongside and PVP battles for some power gauging as well.

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