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Glorious Mission Review – one of the closest PUBG experience on mobile

Glorious Mission Review – one of the closest PUBG experience on mobile

by December 14, 2017




Release Platform

Android, iOS

There are tons of PUBG mobile game (unofficial) available on the market now, while Glorious Mission (光荣使命) is one of the most outstanding. Being Tencent’s first ever 100-player battle royale mobile game, Glorious Mission has achieved more than 40 million pre-registered players even before its official launch. Now the game has gone live, and we have tried it out for a few moment so it is our short Glorious Mission review!

Firstly, Glorious Mission basically plays like PUBG where players battles in a massive 8km x 8km map until the last team standing is determined. However, the mobile game is something different – it features weather and all kinds of beautiful terrains. You will soon find yourself battling to survive no matter it is a sunny day, cloudy evening or a rainy dawn!

Glorious Mission Review

Since it is a mobile game, we shouldn’t over-compared it to the PC battle royales. The common issue faced in every battle royale mobile game exists in Glorious Mission too – aiming is difficult due to the limited screen size. Spaces between buttons are narrow, while the camera view and aiming both controlled by your right thumb. You may get frustrated by the controls if you are still new to the game!

Glorious Mission Review

While you are waiting to hop off the plane, you will be able to view how many players left on the plane as well. This is a great feature as you could take advantages by hopping off the plane when no one else is hopping off. Therefore, you could avoid early fights and get yourself prepared with sufficient equipment.

There is also an “auto-pickup” setting that enables your character to pick up better equipment instantly thus saving up space in your backpack. By this, you won’t have to worry about which equipment to abandon (just like in PUBG). You will meet various weapons that you are familiar with, such as MP5, AK47 and Kar98k too.

However, although Glorious Mission utilized the Dynamic Loading technology, you will still need a powerful smartphone to run the game rapidly and seamlessly.

Glorious Mission is out on Android and iOS in China now. Are you ready to get your hands on a Chicken dinner?

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Glorious Mission
Developer: Tencent
Publisher: Tencent

The Pros

- Featuring a massive 8km x 8km map just like the PC versions
- Auto-pickup better equipment
- Familiar weapons and equipment available in-game

The Cons

- Narrow space between buttons
- Difficult controls, newbies might need some time to get used to it

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Glorious Mission is actually a hardcore battle royale mobile game where you will need some time to learn and get used to its controls. However, it offers you a very similar experience to PUBG so it is worth a try!

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