NAT Games announces new game projects

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NAT Games is working on multiple game projects, its latest one on the production line being a mobile MMORTS game. You should be familiar with the company through their titles like Overhit, V4 and Blue Archive (also previously known as Project MX).

Other game projects NAT Games is working on include:
  • Project XH, a PC / mobile MMORPG that will be based on their fantasy game, HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales). Large-scale battles will be part of the game
  • Project Magnum is a console / PC “next generation” shooter RPG, which is said to feature incredible gunplay, next-generation console support and centered around cooperative PVE. It will be a fantasy science fiction title
  • Project Zeus, their newest project. As mentioned, it will be a mobile MMORTS, with real-time, large scale territorial wars. Supposedly it will have a mix of Eastern and Western mythologies. The field battles are said to have a control system similar to MMORPGs

While Overhit‘s global and Korean servers have shut down, the Japanese one is still running, besides V4 and Blue Archive. The various mentioned projects have their own teams working on them. There’s no mention of when exactly these games would be coming out, or any window about teasers, but if you’ve enjoyed their previous works or find any of these interesting, then keep an eye out for further announcements.

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I do what needs doing, with a slew of gacha games on plate. Willingly self-inflicts heartattacks via supporting SEA/SA Dota. RPGs and roguelike/roguelites are the good shit. As Twitter is a wholly functioning website, an email will be the best method of contact.

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