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Shadow Blade: Reload to be released soon

Shadow Blade: Reload to be released soon

by Nigel C.January 12, 2017

Dead Mage


Dead Mage

Release Date

15 January 2017

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If you are a fan of ninjas and anything related to the subject matter, you will be pleased to know that there is a new game which goes by the name Shadow Blade: Reload, which is due for launch on 15 January 2017. The scrolling platformer puts you in the tabi of Kuro, where you have to clear the level by running, jumping and dispatching enemies, the latter which can be performed stealthily or with swords unsheathin’.

It is worth nothing that the game is actually available on Google Play right now, even though it is not officially out yet. The game is listed as an “unreleased app” and “may be unstable”, so you are more likely than not to encounter bugs if you get the game right now.

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Shadow Blade: Reload
Developer: Dead Mage
Publisher: Dead Mage
15 January 2017

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