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Netmarble Announced New MOBA Game – Penta Storm

Netmarble Announced New MOBA Game – Penta Storm

by CeeZeeNovember 23, 2016


Release Platform

iOS, Android

Penta Storm is a new MOBA game that was announced by Netmarble last week. Netmarble is currently one of the largest game developing studios that has successful titles like Marvel Future Fight, Seven Knights, Raven (No.1 in Korea) and many more. The game was announced during the G-Star 2016 event.

Just like any MOBA games, there are 3 main lanes; Top, Bottom and Middle lane in a 5 vs 5 map. Players can also kill neutral mobs in the jungle to gain experience points and gold for buying items and equipping their heroes from the base. There are several game modes available for players to play with instead of the normal 5 vs 5 matches. The game design and style looks are almost the same as League of Legends. One might even think it was developed by Riot Games.






penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-6 penta-storm-g-star-2016-photo-8

Penta Storm comes with an English UI which should be set for a global launch soon.

Source: mmoculture

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