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Majestia Guide: Hero Souls

Majestia Guide: Hero Souls

by Healer_BKnightJune 20, 2017


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There are a great variety of heroes in Majestia, and each of them require hero souls to summon or level up. Hero souls required to upgrade a hero can only be collected through the Shrine or purchasing Hero Soul Box/Summoning Box from Cash Shop. You will soon find out that it is not that easy to get the hero souls you want because it is all randomly given out. So, in this Majestia Guide, we are giving tips on how to farm up the hero souls you desired.

These are the guide(s) we wrote for Majestia:

Buying Hero Soul Box/Summoning Box from Cash Shop uses real cash or Soul Stones for a random hero which might turn out to be not the hero you want. Shrine gives you random heroes too, however you can spend your Soul Gold only on the hero souls you want. See the difference here? Both gives you random heroes, but in Shrine you can choose to buy or not to buy the hero souls. The goal here is to ONLY SPEND on what you need, and with that focus we can have progressions for our selected heroes. Here are a few tips to help you refresh the Shrine faster.

Majestia Guide

The screenshots are captured with Huawei P10 Plus.

Shrine refreshes every 12 hours, so basically you can refresh the Shrine twice a day. However, you can shorten the Shrine time with Soul Timer which you can acquire by 3 ways:

  1. Recharges automatically
  2. Buy from General Shop (Special Item)
  3. Event

Majestia Guide

You can purchase 6hr Soul Time or 12hr Soul Time with  2 or 4 Soul Chalice (it is cheap!). Then, you can use them on shortening the Shrine time. By using both the Soul Time you can get from the above ways, you can refresh your Shrine more than 2 times per day, this means we can reroll the shrine 4 times a day. Higher Soul Grade increases the maximum limit of Soul Time too, so you can get more free Soul Time when you reach a higher Soul Grade.

When you refresh the Shrine and finally get the hero you want, just buy them all with all the Soul Golds you have. The amount of Hero Souls available to buy depends on your hero grade, higher grade hero = more Hero Souls available. By this, you can level up your preferable hero faster.

Majestia Guide

Here the ways of getting the resources you need for buying Soul Time:
  • Soul Golds
    • Check-in/Level-up Reward
    • Battle Achievements
    • Events
    • Donation to Clan Card (small amount)
    • Battle
    • Purchase with Soul Stones
  • Soul Chalice
    • Level-up Reward
    • Battle Achievements
    • Arena Bonus Reward
Majestia Guide

Level-up Reward

These are all the tips we could give to help you out in farming hero souls, leave your comment below if you have any tips to add!

We reviewed Majestia with Huawei P10 Plus – The game screenshots and videos are captured with the fabulous device.

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