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GunboundM Guide – For the beginners

GunboundM Guide – For the beginners

by Healer_BKnightJuly 7, 2017

Dargom Studio Co., Softnyx

Release Platform

iOS, Android

GunboundM that brought out the nostalgia in us is launched a few days ago, have you enjoyed it? For those who have ever played the game, you should be familiar with it since it brings back almost everything from the original version. While for those who are new to this, you might face difficulties in getting victory so here is a GunboundM guide for the newbies.

You can obtain victory by killing all the enemy mobile or kill two enemy mobile in one shot (and of course you will win automatically when your opponent disconnects). Therefore, how to deal higher damage but avoid damage at the same time become an important question here. Below are a few tips to help you out:

Know your mobile

There are a lot of mobile with different characteristics and unique weapons, you should know how your mobile’s weapon work before you bring it into battle. Some weapon attacks in a special way (eg: Bani’s  Vibration Shock that goes through a land and explodes at the end of a land), by knowing your weapons better you can do use them more effectively. You can view the details of your mobile in “My Stock”, and by clicking the weapon icon you can preview how your weapon attacks.

Gunbound M guide

Make use of Counter Effect

Mobile comes in 3 types – Machine-type (Red), Animal-type (Green) and Shield-type (Blue). One type will deal higher damage (5% bonus) against another type, so you should take consideration of this while choosing your target to fire.

Gunbound M guide

Aim the weak point of enemy mobile

Every mobile comes with a strong armor in their front and back, you should avoid attacking these places. Instead, you should aim for their center part (top or bottom) to deal the best damage on them.

Gunbound M guide

Grab any possible advantage

There will be different maps, where the rocks or obstacles will be differently placed. You can try to move to a place (eg: under obstacles) where your opponent won’t be easy to hit you but you can still fire them. You will see clouds that add effect to your weapon if your weapon fires through it too. For example, a cloud with thunder symbols fires an additional thunder to where your weapon lands. There are also totems which you can get a bonus (some with negative bonus) when staying close to it. Paying attention to the situation helps you a lot in a battle.

Gunbound M guide

Focus fire

You should first aim for the enemy mobile that gives the highest threat to you (especially mobiles that are close to you). Eliminating them grants you a higher chance of winning.

Estimate wind force

One of the most important factors that will affect your weapon performance will be the wind force. Even though there is a trajectory guide, but your weapon might land far away from your target when the wind force is strong. You should set your landing target after taking consideration of the wind force.

GunboundM guide

These are all the tips we could offer, tell us in the comment if you have any extra tips!


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