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Dummies’ guide to Valiant Force!

Dummies’ guide to Valiant Force!

by CeeZeeNovember 7, 2016

XII Braves



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1st November 2016

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iOS, Android

Greetings young Valiants. This guide is mainly for the newbies who wants to start out right. Getting the right Valiants with the right faiths play a huge roll for your end game. Although any starters you get earlier is generally good enough, it is also good to have a great start with Valiants that can bring you to late game.

So here’s an introduction on the type of Faiths.


Below are the types of Faith that best suits the Valiant class. For example, Leon who is a Guardian, should have either Kratos, Hercules or Zeus as Faiths because of the defensive growths you’d like for a Guardian or a tank.







To check the Faiths of your Valiants, follow the steps below!

Step 1:

Tap on the button right-side next to your valiant’s name to check out the Faith your hero has. If the Faith is not what you expected, you may click on the green button that says “Reroll Faith” to change it.


Step 2:

If you have decided to change it’s Faith, you must sacrifice a hero. The hero that you must sacrifice must be of the same rarity. For example, to reroll Theia (3-stars), you must sacrifice a 3-stared hero. However if the hero has potential to go up to 4 or 5 stars, you must sacrifice a hero that is either 4 or 5 stars according to the hero you want to reroll.


Step 3:

Make sure you have enough gold as it costs 100k gold. Once you have confirmed, the game will change your hero’s Faith. However, it is random and you may not get the right one still.


So good luck to all Valiants. May the Faith be with you.

Credits to Satsuki – Valiant Administrator and Break – Official Member of the Forum


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Valiant Force
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1st November 2016

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