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Blokuzu Project – A New Mobile RPG by Bluegri!

Blokuzu Project – A New Mobile RPG by Bluegri!

by CeeZeeDecember 7, 2017


Release Platform

iOS, Android

Blokuzu Project is a new mobile RPG by Bluegri. They have recently launched their pre-registration that will be released for both iOS and Android devices! Pre-registers will be able to receive exclusive rewards so pre-register now to receive them after their official launch!

To some RPG fans who crave for more, Blokuzu Project is a unique one. It combines RPG elements with classic block destroyer elements to create a new and unique RPG experience. Players will be able to collect different characters (like any gacha game) and of course create different team compositions with them. With many different characters in the game, each has a skill of their own which will require players to strategically build their team.

Now comes the block destroying part. For those who were old school gamers would definitely know the father of video games, Atari, created one of the legends which is Breakout. The game is similar to what you’d expect in the block destroying part of Blokuzu Project where players will bounce off a ball to hit the monsters and keep the ball afloat to continue hitting the monsters. You will be able to deal combos if you hit the right spot or of course activating your team skills.

Below are the pre-registration rewards:

2,626: Gold Item & Upgrade Materials x1 each
5,000: Evo Mats x1
10,000: Premium Currency “Core” x100
20,000: Premium Currency “Core” x200
26,260: Character “Angel of Destruction Lucifer” (破戒の天使ルシファー)
30,000: Premium Currency “Core” x300
40,000:Premium Currency “Core” x400
50,000: Premium Currency “Core” x500 + 10x Gacha Summon

Developer: Bluegri

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