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7 Important Things to remember when playing Monster Hunter: World

7 Important Things to remember when playing Monster Hunter: World

by Nigel C.February 11, 2018


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So you just got yourself a copy of Monster Hunter: World. Great. While the game is the most accessible one in the franchise so far, it is by no means completely-watered down, so understanding the mechanics is still important if you want to get anywhere.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when you are playing the game.

Don’t get too obsessed with customising your character’s looks

The game features a fairly in-depth character customiser, but you would not want to spend too much time on it. First, whatever you make here will not be properly reflected in the actual game itself as they will be rendered with lower polygons. Your character will look goofy one way or another during cutscenes.

If you must spend any time at all, know that you can still alter certain aspects of your looks, such as the hairstyle, hair colour, facial hair and makeup later on in the hub. Furthermore, once you deck your characters out with proper gear, you will not be able to see what they look like unless you have the helmets removed.

Preparation is key

Whenever you start a mission, you will want to take some time to prepare as you usually have ample time to finish it regardless, so do not rush.

Eat. There are a variety of dishes available to you, so pick the best one for the job. If the monster is particularly nasty with strong attacks, look for something that boosts your defence. There are other bonuses that come with the meal too, so be sure to check what those are.

Remember to also clear your pouch of consumables that you will be needing for the mission, as you are likely to get them throughout the course of the map. As such, just stock up on the bare necessities, such as potions and rations.

Avoid expeditions. Do investigations instead.

Expeditions let you load into any area without a hunt active. This is fine and all if you plan to just look at the scenery and do things like fishing. However, if you plan to hunter monsters, avoid this at all cost. Optional missions aside, what you really want to be doing is take on investigations. This is because investigations provide better rewards that you would usually have difficulty getting otherwise. These however sometimes come with caveats such as lower permissible death counts and shorter times.

Crap is good

While it sounds silly, be sure to pick up all the dung you see. Later in the game when you go on hunts, you will often be interrupted by other monsters. While it is sometimes fun to watch them engage in a turf war, these enemies are more of a nuisance than anything else. Slinging dung at these monsters will cause them to flee the area, letting you hunt your target in peace.

Pick up everything

When you are out in the field, grab just about everything that you see along the way. Making this a habit means that you will have tonnes of available resources which you will need for crafting.

Make a wish

The best new feature in Monster Hunter: World is the wishlist. Using this in conjunction with crafting equipment allows you to see what ingredients you need for it and how much you need of it. This is a huge time saver.

Camera Zoom

By default, the game has you zoomed in your character in battle. While it is nice to admire your armour up close, more often than not, it obstructs your view of the surrounding area, which is particularly troubling for faster enemies that run about. You really want to have a clear sight of your targets at any given time. Simply head over to the Camera setting under Options and set the Camera Distance to Far.

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