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What kind of girl does a gamer wants to spend his life with?

What kind of girl does a gamer wants to spend his life with?

by Healer_BKnightOctober 12, 2017


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Have you met your destined other half yet? There are many types of girls in the world, but not all types may suit you. Recently, MGAG posted a video showing us what type of girls we will meet in a speed-dating event and the results are hilarious. Here we will see what kind of girls the gamer guy meets:

Independent woman

Nowadays, women are much more independent compared to the past. Many of them can even earn more than men. Independent women like this usually spend most of their time at work and don’t play games. She could also restrict your gaming life so you probably couldn’t enjoy games as before. Prepare to say bye bye to gaming if you date her!

Lords Mobile

Rich but lonely lady

She is rich but lonely, willing to spend her money to “take care” of her partner. Even if you do not mind dating an older woman with a big age gap, you will need to stay by her side whenever she wants you to. That means you will no longer have time for games!

The Princess

She suffers from the “Princess Syndrome”. Being a self-centred person, she believes that the world revolves around her and only cares about what she wants. With this, how can you expect her to talk about or play games together with you? If you want to date her, you can only join her world and become her slave (which means no more gaming)!

Gamer girl

She shares the same interests as you – gaming. You may be meeting her in the game world more than in real life, but both of you can enjoy games together and talk about it anywhere. Life cannot be any better when you have someone who loves gaming by your side!


I sure am surprised when the video turns out to be an ad. MGAG has epic level skills incorporating ads naturally within their videos. So, what is Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy mobile MMO where you can build an empire and battle alongside your buddies. The video also reminds me of another couple that found each other through Lords Mobile.

To welcome the new players, Lords Mobile also gave out a gift code under the video’s comment section:

Here is the interesting video from MGAG:
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Lords Mobile
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