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[TpGS 2018] Dynasty Warriors 9 First Impression

[TpGS 2018] Dynasty Warriors 9 First Impression

by Healer_BKnightFebruary 5, 2018

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Koei Tecmo

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8 February, 2018

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The popular hack and slash video game series – Dynasty Warriors is getting its 9th installment – Dynasty Warriors 9 really soon! Different from its predecessors, Dynasty Warriors 9 will be featuring an open-world and players will be able to roam freely to anywhere they like while helping out their Lords to infiltrate enemy fortifications. During Taipei Game Show 2018, we are lucky to be able to try the game out so here is our first impression review on Dynasty Warriors 9!

The open world in Dynasty Warriors 9 has truly presented the original appearance of ancient China, but it is kinda empty (maybe it is just me) that you may feel bored on your route to another region. You can select missions easily from the map, you can also fast-travel to another region (save your time!). If you would like to travel by yourself, there is an auto-movement feature available when you are riding a horse too.

Dynasty Warriors 9

The character selection interface is now simpler yet prettier than its predecessors. On the character moves aspect, other than the basic attack (Square or Triangle button) and special moves (Circle button), Dynasty Warriors 9 has added a special attack similar to Warriors Orochi’s – you can activate it by holding R1 + Square/Triangle/Cross buttons. Different combination of buttons gives out different effects, meanwhile pressing Triangle button under different conditions will give out different types of attack too.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Similar to Monster Hunter, you can use different items such as energy powder and strength pill. You can collect the materials and craft the items by yourself, or buy them in the town. Talking about the town, you will hear the citizens talking when you pass by them, the town is now more real than before! You can also climb over the walls using a grappling hook or make a triangle jump using the wall in DW 9. The horse can now swim through the rivers so don’t worry about getting blocked by rivers (lol).

Dynasty Warriors 9

These are all of our experience on the Dynasty Warrior 9 demo! In short, DW 9 is featuring some refreshingly new elements along with plenty of breakthrough in features. However, the background music featured in the city appeared too soft to me (compared to the enthusiastic music when you are battling outside the town). Despite the minor issue there, the new combat system is something that is worth to look forward to especially you are a fan of the series.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be soon available on PS4 at 8 February, don’t miss it out if you are interested! Special thanks to Plextor who gave us the chance to attend TpGS 2018 live!

Source: Wanuxi

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