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Toukiden: Mononofu (JP) Will Be On Mobile 2017

Toukiden: Mononofu (JP) Will Be On Mobile 2017

by CeeZeeJanuary 12, 2017

Koei Tecmo

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Toukiden: Mononofu which is also known as Toukiden: Slayer was announced recently by Koei Tecmo at the Tokyo Games Show 2016. The game will be catered to the mobile platform for both iOS and Android devices. Based on their official announcement, Toukiden: Mononofu will be available this year. Players can now pre-register for the game at their official website.

The game is set in an era where humans and demons were at war. However there are certain territories that are still swarmed with Onis (demons) and players will need to fight to regain the territory. There are somewhat similarities towards Monster Hunter, however players fight against demons to obtain materials for their gear upgrades and other added features as well.

Toukiden: Mononofu is set to be released this year while it is still at about 85% completion. The game will be released in Japan first. There are no news if there would be a global version yet. So let’s have our fingers crossed!

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Toukiden: Mononofu

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