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Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition releases new trailer

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition releases new trailer

by Healer_BKnightJune 19, 2017


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We reported about Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition announcement by Capcom plenty of weeks ago, and now we get a new trailer for the classic remake mobile game.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of the actual gameplay, where you can see the new characters – Dudley and Poison performing their iconic attack moves. Its graphic style is apparently similar to their previous release, Street Fighter IV Volt.Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

Besides, Capcom reveals that six more characters are coming as free updates, so we will get a total of 9 new characters. The game is playable with MFi controller (just like the Gamevice) too. There will also be a single player “arcade” and multiplayer modes coming with 4 levels of difficulty.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will launch sometime this summer, no specific date is confirmed yet. However, its pre-register is now up, you can check here for the sign-up link.

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