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SINoALICE Beginner FAQ – 10 things to know before you start playing

SINoALICE Beginner FAQ – 10 things to know before you start playing

by Nigel C.June 19, 2017

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The worst of SINoALICE‘s maintenance fiesta seems to be over now, and while there are still connection issues here and there, the game is playable for the most part.


Before delving in, you may want to know a few things first:

1. How many characters are there?

At the time of writing, all nine main characters are available from the start.

2. How do I unlock new characters?

Simply clear the first chapter of their respective campaigns.

3. How do I get more jobs?

There are unlocked by clearing cross-story chapters, with some gated behind gacha.

4. How many jobs are there?

There are currently a total of 8 jobs, namely Breaker, Caster, Cleric, Crusher, Gunner, Paladin, Minstrel and Sorcerer.

5. Why can’t my character equip a certain weapon?

There are weapon restrictions for jobs, so make sure you have the appropriate one before you equip them.

6. How do I reroll? 

Refer to our reroll guide here.

7. How do I join a guild?

You will need to clear chapter 2-10 of the campaign before you are able to join a guild.

8. What are Desire Medals?

Desire Medals can be earned from pulling gacha, where each pull nets you a total of 10 medals. Once you collect a total of 750 medals, you will be able to exchange for a gacha weapon of your choice.

9. Why won’t the game connect/is stuck loading at 100%?

The server is either lagging or is down again.

10. What is this “Failed to extract resources needed” error?

Your device does not have the sufficient storage or memory. Try force closing some apps and/or freeing up storage space before trying again.

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