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Ragnarok Mobile Coming To Global Later This Year!

Ragnarok Mobile Coming To Global Later This Year!

by CeeZeeAugust 13, 2017

Gravity, Shanghai Dream Network Technology Co. Ltd.


Xindong Network

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Good news for Ragnarok fans! Recently, the original owner of the Ragnarok IP, Gravity, has announced and signed a contract with Ragnarok Mobile developer Shanghai Dream Network Technology Co. Ltd. and their publisher Xindong Network to allow them to bring the game into the global market!

Gravity Ragnarok Mobile will be first released in Taiwan and Hong Kong this year and then later in Korea and Southeast Asia. The game will be in multiple languages and of course English. The Chinese version of Ragnarok Mobile will be getting a massive update in September called the EP2.0. According to source, the update will introduce new areas, additional classes (Monk and Crusader), a pet system, cooking system and other contents as well. 

Ragnarok Mobile (Chinese version) did get an English patch that was made by fans back in April. You can check it out if you are interested and can’t wait to play the game already. No exact that on when the Global Version would be released but lets just be patient and wait for it. Cheers~

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