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Pre-registration for Hello Hero: Epic Battle goes live

Pre-registration for Hello Hero: Epic Battle goes live

by Nigel C.January 11, 2018


Release Platform

Android, iOS

South Korea-based game developer Fincon has just open pre-registration for Hello Hero: Epic Battle for the Southeast Asia region before it goes live on Android and iOS. Following the success of the first Hello Hero, the developer saw fit to release the sequel in 2018. One key difference is the availability of the portrait mode, which is an alternative to the landscape view found in the original game.

In any case, Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a hero-collection RPG at its core, although Fincon is taking things one step further by introducing physical smart toys. These function similarly to the amiibo figures by Nintendo, or the figurines from Disney Infinity. Essentially, these toys communicate with the core game for bonuses or other form of unlocks. As always, registering will mean you will be rewarded with goodies when the game goes live, so be sure to do so right now.

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