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Pre-registration for Girls Frontline opens

Pre-registration for Girls Frontline opens

by Nigel C.February 13, 2018


Release Platform

Android, iOS

After much deliberation, SUNBORN has finally announced the global pre-registration campaign for their strategy game, Girls Frontline, which will be released for the Android and iOS platforms.

Girls Frontline plays most similarly to a castle defense-esque game where players will have to strategically deploy guns, who are represented by female avatars. Combat in Girls Frontline is divided into the tactical deployment state and real-time battle stage. In the first stage, players need to assign units accordingly with the allocated action points. For the second stage, you will get to adjust the position of the units taking part in battle and issue orders in real time.

The game is part of a new wave of games co-developed between East Asian countries, where designs are done by artists from China. The girls (guns) themselves are voiced by Japanese seiyuu. As mentioned earlier, pre-registration is now open, so be sure to sign up for goodies.

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