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Postknight Guide: Road to Rank S

Postknight Guide: Road to Rank S

by Healer_BKnightFebruary 19, 2017


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Postknight has released for some time, but did you know about the ranking system? If you still not clear about it, here is a guide for you! Before we started, I will show you where to check your current rank and how is it looking like:Postknight Guide rank tokens

As you can see, I am currently in rank A-6. The numbers below the progress bar shows how many % of bonus coins, bonus experience and how many hours of offline rewards you can get with your rank. In my case, there will be 210% of bonus coins and 125% of bonus experience for every knightmail I delivered, with 5.1 hours of offline rewards before it get paused. Ranking up will boost those numbers, giving you more advantages in the game. The rank is ranged from “C” to “S”, every rank comes with a numerical range too, for example, “C-9” to “C-1”.

You will need Postknight tokens to level up your rank. So how do you earn those tokens? By doing knightmail deliveries! You can receive different types of token according to the delivery quest’s rank. C-ranked delivery gives you the regular blue Postknight token, B-ranked delivery rewards the Silver Token, A-ranked delivery rewards Gold Token, while S-ranked delivery rewards Crystal Token. Better token grants more points to level up your rank.pktokens

You can find delivery quests beside the big signboard in every town. There are some brief description too when you click into the quest.deliveryPostknight guide rank details

Every town will have 4 delivery quests to be available at a time, which means if you unlocked 4 cities, you will have 4×4=16 deliveries to do. Those deliveries reset every 3 or 4 hours, but you can pay some gems or watch ads to reset it immediately. You will need to defeat few waves of enemies on the way to your destination when you enters a delivery quest. Higher ranking deliveries contain more waves. You can also receive an amount of rewards from deliveries such as gold, materials and a chest which may contain some gems.

Last but not least, check out our previous guides for Postknight about skills and combat, relationship and gifts, and ways to get gems too. What is your rank now? Do share with us! Also leave down your comment if you have any tips or suggestion for Postknight guide. Have fun playing!

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