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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Guide – Which decoration item is more valuable?

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Guide – Which decoration item is more valuable?

by Healer_BKnightMay 26, 2017



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23 May, 2017

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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump just launched a couple of days ago, and we know there are many people out there who can’t stop playing it (including me). In this Pokemon: Magikarp Jump guide, we will be talking about the decoration items and choose out the more valuable ones.

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You can find decoration items in the Diamond Shop, and currently there are 21 of it.

Editor’s note: Updated with Cacnea Planter, Ditto Cushion, Dugtrio Rock, Gold Magikarp Statue and Red Cap.

Here we list them out for you:
  • Aegislash Statue
    • Cost: 350 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: JP from training +20%
  • Bronze Eevee
    • Cost: 550 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: League event rate +4%
  • Cacnea Planter
    • Cost: 400 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Skill recovery rate: +10%
  • Clefairy Doll
    • Cost: 350 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: JP from skills +20%
  • Ditto Cushion
    • Cost: 550 Diamonds after unlocking Event No.46
    • Bonus Effect: Coins: +10%
  • Dugtrio Rock
    • Cost: 400 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Lv. Up Coins + 32%
  • Exeggutor Palm
    • Cost: 150 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Coins from league battles +12%
  • Gold Magikarp Statue
    • Cost: Complete Master League
    • Bonus Effect: Coins received: +12%
  • Important Sign
    • Cost: Gift after losing first Magikarp
    • Bonus Effect: Max food number +1
  • Lampent Lamp
    • Cost: 250 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Lv. Up coins +29%
  • Lilligant Doll
    • Cost: 450 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Training event rate +6%
  • Octillery Pot
    • Cost: Complete Peso League
    • Bonus Effect: JP from food +10%
  • Parasect Puffballs
    • Cost: 100 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: JP from event +16%
  • Red Cap
    • Cost: Complete Elite Four League
    • Bonus Effect: JP from Training +20%
  • Shaymin Planter
    • Cost: 250 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: JP from food +14%
  • S.S. Anne Model
    • Cost: 450 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Coins from sunken treasure: +68%
  • Starmie Bubbler
    • Cost: Complete the Heal League
    • Bonus Effect: Skill recovery rate: +10%
  • Substitute Plush
    • Cost: 300 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Max food number +2
  • Sudowoodo Bonsai
    • Cost: Complete Rapid League
    • Bonus Effect: Coins from events: +29%
  • Sunflora Bunch
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
    • Bonus Effect: Coins from events: +28%
  • Whimsicott Cushion
    • Cost: 450 DiamondsBonus Effect: Trainer Exp. Points +9%
    • Bonus Effect: Trainer Exp. Points +9%
Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Guide

The screenshots are captured with Huawei P10 Plus.

Bonus on coins

S.S. Anne Model gives you most add-on percentage of coins which make it the best item to invest in, but its usage greatly depends on your luck because treasure doesn’t always appear. If you want to stay safe, buying the Sunflora Bunch or Lampent Lamp is the better choice (we excluded Sudowoodo Bonsai as an option here).

Bonus on JP (Jumping Points)

Calculating from %/cost, Parasect Puffballs wins here. With 100 Diamonds you can get a 16% bonus JP from events. However, events only occur randomly so I would say that investing in Shaymin Planter is a slower but more valuable way (because foods are everywhere!).

For reference, here is the breakdown of decoration value:


While for those decoration items with effects other than bonus coins or JP, I suggest you to buy them according to your play style (or strategy). For example, if you are able to online frequently to pick up the foods, you should go for items that give you bonus from food. To be honest, my best solution is to buy them all.

These are all we know, you are welcomed to tell us your opinion below!

We reviewed Pokemon: Magikarp Jump with Huawei P10 Plus – The game screenshots are captured with the fabulous device.

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