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Pocket Kingdom fires it way into smartphones

Pocket Kingdom fires it way into smartphones

by Nigel C.June 18, 2017

Plug In Digital

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If you are a fan of steampunk, you may want to consider giving Pocket Kingdom, which is currently out for the iOS, a twirl.

You play as a traveler who crash lands on a floating island, where you will use all means necessary to get home. In this metroidvania-esque world, you will have to solve all sorts of puzzles, which range from pushing blocks to taking portals to move around. There is the availability of a hookshot allows you to grab faraway boxes, while the rocket launcher unleashes destruction. Discovery is the name of the game here, with the focus being solely on exploration above all else.


An Android release will follow suit after this.

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Pocket Kingdom
Developer: Plug In Digital
Out Now
USD 2.99USD 2.99

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