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New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat for Android and iOS ready for download

New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat for Android and iOS ready for download

by Nigel C.November 30, 2017


Release Date

Out Now

Release Platform

Android, iOS

Japan-based game developer Akatsuki has just made its mobile rhythm game New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat for download on the Android and iOS. Servers however have yet to be opened. The developer will only reveal the exact launch time via the game’s official Twitter page.

RisingBeat is based on the New Prince of Tennis anime and manga series, featuring iconic character songs from the show with other 60 characters featured, this is as complete as possible a rhythm can be. As the number of pre-registrations had surpassed the 300,000 goals, all players will be given secret items and more than 3,000 beat stones which are to be used as currency gacha.

One thing’s for sure, this game is strictly for the fans, as they decided to go with the rhythm game route instead of the more obvious sports title. How good the game will be pretty much hinges on whether or not you like its soundtrack to begin with.

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New Prince of Tennis: RisingBeat
Developer: Akatsuki
Out Now

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