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Monster Hunter: World Review – A perfect world for monster hunting

Monster Hunter: World Review – A perfect world for monster hunting

by February 9, 2018


Release Date

26 January, 2018

Release Platform

PS4, Xbox One, PC (soon)

Ever want to fight a gigantic monster? Well, Monster Hunter: World may fulfill your wish. Launched on 26 January (PS4 and Xbox One), Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is the newest entry to the Monster Hunter franchise, and probably the best one yet. We have got ourselves a set of Monster Hunter: World Limited Edition PS4 Pro and spend some time with the game so here is our Monster Hunter: World review!

The Story and Game World

You, a member of the Fifth Fleet is summoned by the Research Commission to provide more support on the New World – a land filled with powerful monsters. As you are traveling to the New World along with your assistant (the Handler), the gigantic monster, Zorah Magdaros appears to destroy the ships and make its way to the New World. You and your Handler managed to reach the main base for the Research Commission – Astera safely, and is then requested to help clear out the hostile monsters as well as discovering the reasons for Zorah Magdaros to arrive at the New World once every ten years.

Monster Hunter World review

The stunning landscapes in Monster Hunter: World is a feast for the eyes. It is also more huge and complex compared to its predecessors (you will probably get lost in the massive map when there are no Scout Flies to show you the way). The monster hunting regions is now an “open world” that seamlessly connects, you can’t just run to another map to heal and then come back to continue the fight you left off. Chasing monsters is now interesting than ever! The dynamic weather system and day-night cycle may affect the behavior of some monsters during your quest too.

Besides, the ecosystem in the game is richer than before, you don’t fight monsters all alone anymore. Monsters might fight against each other when they met (even in the midst of your hunt), you will get benefit from their fight but avoid getting damaged by both of them, it hurts.

Monster Hunter World review


Your role in Monster Hunter: World is actually simple: to investigate, hunt down or capture the monsters for loots to craft better equipment in order to face more powerful monsters. Aided by the Scout Flies, you will need to track down monsters from the signs they left down such as footprints and feathers. If you have filled up a gauge for the tracked monsters, it will show on the map permanently.

Using the items and weapons you are carrying, you can choose to take down or capture the monster (using traps) once you located it. You can also use a Slinger to fire rocks at the monsters to damage it or use a Mantle to give yourself a buff. In addition, you can make use of the moveable parts in your surroundings strategically such as breaking a natural dam to flood out the monster. Monsters changes tactics when they are weakened, usually being more aggressive or fleeing to their lair for rest/food to recover. You will see a skull icon in the minimap when the monster is near death. It is a newbie-friendly feature but for the veteran, this seems to be idiotic.

Monster Hunter World review

Watch your health during the combat as you will get a reduced reward if you faint and set out again. You will fail the quest if you faint for 3 times too. Stamina is important, you will need it to perform most of your actions – especially attack and dodge. Some useful items will help you in recovering health and stamina (remember to bring an efficient amount of them), there is also some “potion bugs” hanging around the map and you can use them to heal up. Healing is much easier now, but this might be not preferable for some of the old players as taking damage from a monster is a good punishment for not learning or understanding monsters behavior.

There is a total of 14 different types of weapons in the game, each with their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You can change your equipment freely according to your preference or the monsters you are facing before entering a quest. For example, if speed is your call, you can go for Dual Blades while if you would like to use a ranged and destructive weapon, you can go for Heavy Bowgun. Weapon combos are much easier to connect compared to the previous titles, however hunting styles and hunting art from Monster Hunter XX are not featured in the game now (it is a good change).

Monster Hunter: World review

Weapon and armor stats are important in Monster Hunter: World, you will find it easier to win a battle against the tougher monsters if you have equipped yourself with a set of armor and weapon with proper elemental resistance and skills. You can forge or upgrade armor and weapons using the loots and monster parts you get from hunting monsters.

Different from the previous titles, the new streamlined skill system in Monster Hunter: World grant each piece of armor a number of skill point, and the skill will be unlocked after reaching a certain skill point. As each piece of equipment now grants a skill level, players are able to make a more useful armor sets but it also defeats the purpose of getting a complete set of armor (such as full Akantor set and full Rathalos set). You can downgrade your armor or weapon to get back your skill points now as well.

Monster Hunter World review

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The Pros

- Bigger and more complex map
- Interesting ecosystem (Monsters might fight each other)
- Newbie-friendly: Complete tutorial and easier to heal
- Ability to get back skill points by downgrading equipement

The Cons

- Seems too easy for veteran
- Is a bit grindy

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The game is visually stunning, while the monster combats and relations are amazing compared to the previous version. However for the veteran, the difficulty for the game has gone down quite a lot (probably trying to attract new players). Overall, it is still the best in the series and if you haven't get yourself a copy of Monster Hunter: World yet, you shall think about getting it now.

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