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Mirrors Crossing Coming Soon In January!

Mirrors Crossing Coming Soon In January!

by CeeZeeJanuary 12, 2018

Magnolia Factory



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iOS, Android

Mirrors Crossing is a mobile fantasy RPG by Magnolia Factory. The game was first introduced to us back in March 2017 during the KLabGames Next Vision presentation in Japan. With pre-registrations up since late December 2017, players can still pre-register now to receive in-game rewards based on their pre-registration milestone event!

Check out their new 4-minute gameplay trailer:

From their previous release of the game’s mere 12 seconds gameplay, this time Magnolia Factory has released a 4-minute one! From the gameplay trailer, it shows a walk through from the main screen and into their map and battle sequences. As seen above, there will be boss fights like any other mobile RPG. However the controls are different, utilizing a 3×3 tile platform.

Players can also expect a crafting system through alchemy as seen in the video. There will be other features like raiding, gear sets and beasts as summons. Unfortunately with the lack of details released keeping us the intrigued, we will have to wait for the official release to experience the game. With the release coming soon in mid January, we hope the game will also be released with an English version as well.

Check out some of the featured characters in the game below:

Also here’s their latest trailer if you missed it:

For more information, you can check out their official website. Do remember to pre-register yourself and be part of their milestone event to receive all those in-game goodies!

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Mirrors Crossing
Developer: Magnolia Factory
Publisher: KLabGames

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