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Mega Man Mobile is Launched in Stores!

Mega Man Mobile is Launched in Stores!

by CeeZeeJanuary 6, 2017


Release Date

5th January 2017

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Mega Man Mobile is now in stores! The game is priced at RM9.49 on Android and RM7.90 on iOS (not sure why the price difference) but hey, these are classic games that are worth the price for a long time! Also remember that you can always revisit the game on your mobile phone even when you’ve deleted the game because you already bought them! So no worries even if you have already finished the game and deleted from your phone to make space for other games, you can always re-install the game whenever nostalgia comes around.

Mega Man Mobile is unlike playing on the console. The game has been optimized for mobile devices so there will be certain elements of the game that will differ from the original one. However you will have to make sure that your device meets the mimimal specs to play it.

Recommended Specs

iOS 6.1.3 – 10.0.2

Compatible Devices:-
iPhone 5 (or later)
iPad (4th generation or later)
iPad mini 2 (or later)
iPod touch (6th generation or later)

The game features two difficulty modes. There is the Normal Mode which allows for unlimited continues and the Hard Mode which challenges players to a limited number of continues with more damage received from the enemies. There are also certain options for you to tweak around that will enhance your gameplay experience based on your preference. So be sure to check the settings out before proceeding to play!

Source: toucharcade


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Mega Man Mobile
Developer: Capcom

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