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Malaysia version of Running Man by Malaysian Youtubers! Who is the strongest among them?

Malaysia version of Running Man by Malaysian Youtubers! Who is the strongest among them?

by Healer_BKnightJanuary 11, 2018


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The mystery is solved! Remember our previous report about the “Running Man” style match where fellow Malaysian Youtubers transform themselves into The Legend of Condor Heroes characters? The final result is now out!

The guess-and-win event has officially ended, did you get your answer correct in guessing the first eliminated person? Other than that, aren’t you curious about the final winner? Before we announce the winner, let’s review the story of the event:

It has been 60 years away from the last epic fight between the heroes of The Legend of Condor Heroes, where the 7 heroes have now stay themselves away from the Wuxia world. One day, they received a mysterious letter saying that Nine Yin Manual (九阴真经) has resurfaced again in Singapore and Malaysia area. In order to learn the legendary martial art, the 7 heroes gathered again at Huashan for a final battle to determine the strongest among them.

7 Malaysian Youtubers has transformed into different The Legend of Condor Heroes characters with their unique ability:
  • Cody as Guo Jing – Shooter (the ability to eliminate others with water gun)
  • Lizz Chloe as Huang Rong – Mind Controller (the ability to see through others’ ability and reflect any ability cast on her)
  • WXL as Ouyang Feng – Phoenix (the ability to revive once)
  • Lim Shang Jin as Huang Yaoshi – Space Controller (the ability to switch position with anyone)
  • Lunacy as Duan Zhixing – Death Note (the ability to froze someone)
  • Dennis as Hong Qigong – Dragon-Strike (the ability to make someone’s name tag bigger)
  • YBB as Wan Chongyang – Duplicator (the ability to duplicate herself)

Malaysian Youtubers Running Man

Haven’t you watched the first episode yet? Don’t worry, we have prepared both the first and second episode for you! Check them out and see who is the final winner!

Be sure to share it out with your friends if you like the videos above! Also, if you want to be the strongest among your friends but too lazy to head out and have a match like this, give The Legend of Condor Heroes MMORPG a try! You can also visit their official Facebook for more information.

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