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Lucky Strike Is Now Up In Stores!

Lucky Strike Is Now Up In Stores!

by CeeZeeJune 17, 2017

Super Awesome Inc.

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Lucky Strike is a game developed by Super Awesome Inc. and they have launched it globally. Now the game is available for both iOS and Android worldwide! The game is a simple Slot RPG which combines RPG elements and a slot machine mechanic. 

Check out their gameplay trailer below:

Although the game utilizes a slot machine mechanic, the game still requires some strategy instead of just luck. With the right composition of your team, you will actually get “lucky” on the slots. There are over 100 characters and monsters for you to collect so there are plenty of team compositions up for the challenge.



Here are some of the features that are in the game:

– Strategy + Luck = Winner!
– Slot based battle system
– Build your deck from hundreds of monsters
– Collect and Upgrade your monsters
– Explore the world and reveal the secrets within
– Form the strongest guild
– Defeat the dragons in boss raids
– Step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win glory!

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Lucky Strike

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