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Lost Order is now in Closed Beta phase!

Lost Order is now in Closed Beta phase!

by Healer_BKnightAugust 11, 2017

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Android, iOS

Featuring an all-star cast of Japanese developers, Lost Order is a real-time strategy title announced back in last year August. Now we finally see the game enters Closed Beta stage for both Android and iOS (after one whole year of waiting!).

Every character in Lost Order comes in different class with their respective weapons. You can form a squad all you like, bringing them into the battlefield and fight for the victory. There is a Gacha system too so you could obtain characters and equipment from it. Here is a short gameplay preview from Stepharu for anyone who is interested:

For now, there is no actual release date yet and we still don’t know whether the game will be available globally. We hope there will be more information coming out soon!

Source: wanuxi

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