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Lionheart: Dark Moon now out for smartphones

Lionheart: Dark Moon now out for smartphones

by Nigel C.October 11, 2017

Emerald City Games

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Out Now

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Android, iOS

First released in 2014, Lionheart Tactics was a boon to fans strategy RPGs, as this free-to-play title on the mobile is able to hold its own against its console counterparts such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.

Lionheart: Dark Moon is its sequel, and much like the original, this strategy RPG is story-driven, and this time around you will have to drive away the forces of darkness by destroying objects known as the Shards of Whisper. Aiding you in your quest is a pool of 100 available characters whom you can recruit into your army. Each of these heroes has their own abilities and skills, so knowing who to field is imperative to your success.

In addition to the campaign, the game boasts a multiplayer mode, weekly events and quests. You will also be able to form guilds and engage in guild-scale battles in the near future.

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Lionheart: Dark Moon
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