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Lineage II: Revolution global version is now available on stores

Lineage II: Revolution global version is now available on stores

by Healer_BKnightJune 14, 2017


Release Date

June 14, 2017

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Since the release of Lineage II: Revolution in South Korea last December, the game has gathered over 5 million players in its native country. Now the game finally launches in Asia countries (English and Chinese language available) on iOS and Android platform.

As a refresher, Lineage II: Revolution is a direct sequel to the PC MMORPG – Lineage 2 that first launched way back in 2003. Its mobile version uses Unreal Engine 4 technology on its graphics and features so it looks just as beautiful as its PC predecessor.

You will need to choose between the 4 different playable races – Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf and 3 classes – Warrior, Rogue and Mage at the beginning of the game. The game focuses on massive PvP sieges, featuring a wide open world for you to explore and large-scale battlefields.

Our 18-min gameplay video:

According to its developer, the game will launch in Japan and China within Q3 this year, while North America and Europe will have it within Q4 this year.

We reviewed Lineage II: Revolution with Huawei P10 Plus – The game videos are captured with the fabulous device.

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