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Line Bleach -Paradise Lost- celebrates its download milestone

Line Bleach -Paradise Lost- celebrates its download milestone

by Nigel C.October 12, 2017


Release Date

29 September, 2017

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Since its launch on 29 September 2017, LINE GAME’s mobile RPG Line Bleach -Paradise Lost- has broken the 300,000 download mark. To celebrate this milestone, the game will be handing out all players in-game rewards which includes a 4-5★ Summon Token and 100 Soul Gems.

On top of in-game rewards, to acknowledge the pre-registrees which have exceeded half a million in number, a special collection of Bleach LINE stickers are being made available. In a poll which garnered more than 310,840 votes, the collection features the top eight most popular stickers from the results. If you use the LINE’s instant messenger, be sure to grab this.

Line Bleach -Paradise Lost-

To recap, The game makes use of the GPS, similar to what is found in Pokémon GO, where players have to seek out nearby Hollows. Upon discovery, you will have to defeat the Hollow as a Shinigami in order to safeguard your city.

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