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Langrisser now a mobile SRPG title in China

Langrisser now a mobile SRPG title in China

by Nigel C.January 7, 2018


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Android, iOS

Following the cancellation of an MMORPG resurrection that should have happened years ago but didn’t, famed SRPG Langrisser has gotten another shot as mobile game in China. Touted as the sixth entry in the Langrisser series, the game is being published by ZlongGame, while the developer is still unknown at this points.

What we do know about the game so far is that it boasts over 1 million Chinese characters, which means that this will be very plot-intensive. Every hero in the game will have their own class specialisations. There will be several army units such as Imperial Soldier, Berserker and much more. All the heroes will be voiced by popular seiyuus from Japan. There are more than 300 stages to do battle in, while there are over 10 victory conditions.

Regardless, a limited beta test will commence in China on 17 January 2018. No details on an overseas release has been disclosed at this juncture.

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