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Horse around with Jockey Viva Go

Horse around with Jockey Viva Go

by Nigel C.January 7, 2018


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Out Now

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Android, iOS

If by any chance you are a fan of horse racing simulators, Gamecyber’s Jockey Viva Go might just be your new games. The game, which is released for both Android and iOS, has you working your way up from a trainee jockey to a full-fledged stablemaster, while raising racing stallions bred for victory.

The game offers several game modes, ranging from Regular, Trophy, Betting to Challenge. Each race mode offers unique ways in you will be able to access to higher classes of horse, be it racing against others elimination style in Trophy race or going head to head in a Regular race.

Training mode is where you will be honing your horse’s abilities, such as its speed and stamina. Once you have got your scheduling and decided which of your thoroughbreds offer the best chance winning, all that is left to do is to master Jockey Viva Go’s unique “acceleration control” style of play. With over 100 races to take part in on a daily basis, there is much here for you to take on.

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Jockey Viva Go
Developer: Gamecyber
Out Now

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