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Honor 8 Pro – one of the best gaming smartphone you can afford

Honor 8 Pro – one of the best gaming smartphone you can afford

by Healer_BKnightNovember 2, 2017


For those who have been paying attention to the smartphones market nowadays, you would probably know Honor 8 Pro who is famous on its gaming capability. It is now getting recognized as the official gaming device for hit MOBA Mobile Legends too. Despite all of the facts above, do you know why is it called one of the best but affordable gaming smartphone?

Honor 8 Pro

Other than Mobile Legends, Honor 8 Pro is capable of taking on many other games that are even more rigid on overall performance. We tested the phone on a few high-quality mobile games and here is our gameplay video:

Honor 8 Pro equips a Kirin 960 octa-core processor (one of the most powerful smartphone chips in the market now) and 6GB RAM. This enables the phone to handle demanding apps and games perfectly and thus, giving you a seamless gaming experience. As the result, all the games we tested are able to run smoothly with the highest graphics setting.

The screenshot below shows another example that proved Honor 8 Pro’s ability – the phone can run Final Fantasy Awakening up to 1440p and 60 FPS without lagging.

Honor 8 Pro

Final Fantasy Awakening in-game settings

We got no problem running 20 different types of mobile games too!

On the storage part, the phone comes with a total of 64GB internal storage and it is more than enough to store all the games you would like to play. Taking the average mobile game size which is 67.7 MB, you can store over 400 games even after deducting the amount of storage taken by the system itself!

Honor 8 Pro

The phone also has a 4,000 mAh battery that you can use up to 2 days without charging (under regular use). As what we tested, playing Mobile Legends continuously for one hour only takes up 15% of battery (this means with 100% battery you can enjoy Mobile Legends for at least 6 hours!). Below is a comparison of the battery percentage before and after one hour non-stop gaming of Mobile Legends:

Honor 8 Pro

only 15% battery is used after one hour of gaming.

Although full view display is the top trend now, Honor 8 Pro (that doesn’t have a full-view display) still has its own advantage on it. Its stunning 5.7-inch display is offering 2560 x 1440 resolution and 515 pixels per inch pixel density, making it possible to display rich and vivid HD graphics detailed to tiny pixels. Its display ratio fits most of the games better too.

Besides, the edges of the top and bottom screen actually contribute to your gaming experience in a good way. You will experience lesser miss tap, it is also easier to hold the phone with one hand with the edges.

Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro package provides us with a Google Cardboard-style VR headset too. You can easily assemble it by yourself to enjoy Jaunt VR on Honor 8 Pro (it is pre-installed). In case you don’t know Jaunt VR yet, it is a mobile app that offers cinematic virtual reality experiences. You can immerse yourself in the great variety of VR videos from plenty of genres including horror, extreme sports, travel and more.

Jaunt VR Honor 8 Pro

Jaunt VR

Honor 8 Pro has proved us that it is the perfect phone for gaming in the mid-range smartphone category, and it is time for you to try it out yourself! It is priced at MYR 1,999.00 (around 467 USD), you can visit their official website for more information. You can also check out our previous article for more in-depth review on Honor 8 Pro.

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