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Hatsune Miku returns to Brave Frontier for Snow Miku 2018 Festival!

Hatsune Miku returns to Brave Frontier for Snow Miku 2018 Festival!

by Healer_BKnightFebruary 13, 2018

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Missed Hatsune Miku in Brave Frontier? Here is a good news for you! Starting from 7 February to 19 MarchHatsune Miku’s Winter and Spring Collaboration will be available in Brave Frontier to celebrate the Snow Miku 2018 Festival held in this month!

Check out the highlights of the collaboration below:
  • Winter Chapter
    • Collaboration Summon – Snow Miku (from 7 Feb to 6 Mar)
      • You will get a chance to summon both Snow Miku 2018 and Snow Miku 2017.
    • Winter Dungeon: Melody of Winter (from 7 Feb to 28 Feb)
      • Snow Miku has accidentally stumbled into Grand Gaia while looking for her animal friends during a snowstorm. You will have to guide her back to her own world while enjoying The Snow Miku 2018 Festival theme song “Round Off The Square Earth” as the BGM.
  • Spring Chapter
    • Collaboration Summon – Sakura Miku (from 28 Feb to 19 Mar)
      • You will be able to summon Mankai Sakura Miku from the Spring Themed Summon Gate.

* More events related to the Spring Chapter will be announced on the Brave Frontier official channel at a later time.

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Besides, there is plenty of returning contents such as the event dungeon – Songstress of Light from 7 Feb to 19 Mar, where you can stand a chance to get yourself an original Hatsune Miku. Another collaboration summon – Virtual Singers will be live from 7 Feb to 19 Mar too, and you can summon all of the 2014 Virtual Singers – Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Luka at the Special Summon Gate during the event period.

For more information and updates on Brave Frontier, you can visit their official site or Facebook.

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