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Granadia Saga now available for download

Granadia Saga now available for download

by Nigel C.December 3, 2017


Release Date

Out Now

Release Platform

Android, iOS

Bushiroad’s latest mobile RPG Granadia Saga is already available for download for Android and iOS. The servers are however yet to be up at this point, and will be announced at a later date.

The game is a tactical title with character designs Hino Shinnosuke who worked on Fire Emblem Heroes and certain cards for Puzzle & Dragons. As with other games similar to this, there is an in-depth single player campaign to be delved into. As a tactics-styled RPG, the game demands your strategical sense to dominate the battlefield with a plethora of skills and characters. You will also be able take that skillset and pit it against other players online. Of course, by virtue of being a free-to-play title, expect to recruit new characters through gacha, but we reckon that you will be able to progress as an F2P regardless.

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Granadia Saga
Publisher: Bushiroad
Out Now

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