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Giantica Second CBT Will Be Launching in Korea!

Giantica Second CBT Will Be Launching in Korea!

by CeeZeeJanuary 12, 2017


Release Platform

iOS, Android

Giantica is a game developed by Nexon. The game is Nexon’s upcoming strategy action RPG that revolves around cards as your actions. While the game is kicking off its second CBT in South Korea, it is only available for Android only. Pre-registration for the CBT is up in their official website.

Giantica is a unique game where it features a deck of cards players build to be used as actions and skills while fighting monsters. The combat features real-time action which looks interesting with cards compared to other RPGs in the market. With just a tap on the cards, players will unleash special abilities and skills while also controlling your character with the virtual analog.

The game also features open world online RPG with PvP and Guild War. With its astounding graphics, this is a game that we should look out for. Hopefully we will hear news about its global release after the CBT2 ends.

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